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SIF philosophy is focused on ‘education’, for children from impoverished and rural backgrounds, studying in government schools located near our campuses in Chennai, Pune and Noida. Special emphasis is given on ‘computer literacy’, ‘English language skills, ‘all round development’ – with emphasis on the education of the girl child.

India is a developing country and the past few years have seen the benefits of development penetrate large sections of Indian society. The rich are getting richer and there is an increasingly prosperous middle class being created. But at the same time society is also getting polarized, there are increasing numbers of those living in poverty and who find it difficult to find two square meals a day. 'Education' is the bridge that can eliminate this social divide – the only bridge – so that future generations in India will not see the extent of social dichotomy that is prevalent today. SIF community work is but just one small step in this direction.